MI Clinic Escort (Mi.C.E) volunteers support people seeking abortion services by being a positive presence at clinics. We stand up for reproductive health by standing between patients and anti-choice protestors.

We are a pro-choice intersectional feminist volunteer organization committed to clinic defense for abortion providers in and around the city of Detroit. We recognize that the fight for reproductive health access and freedom is intrinsically linked with the struggle against white supremacy, heteropatriarchy and capitalism. We believe abortion should be available on demand and without apology.

The majority of our patients are people of color and women, and while we structure our organization to make space for and elevate the needs of those groups, we also recognize that not everyone who has a uterus is a woman, and not every woman has a uterus. We use trans inclusive language and espouse trans inclusive sentiments and we expect that our escorts do the same. The fight for reproductive justice is also the fight for black lives, for trans rights, for immigrants (documented or undocumented) for sex worker rights, indigenous sovereignty, for children etc., and we seek to make ourselves accessible, available and accountable to those groups.

Being an escort is a powerful personal way to stand up for your political principals and safeguard a person’s right to choose— but it also means taking on a responsibility to provide a gentle, caring space for each person you assist. We show each individual that they matter by responding to their needs and wishes and respecting their choices.

Here’s what that looks like:

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